AITA MARI (2021) 87'. Basque Country.

The "Stella Maris Berria" is a basque tuna fishing vessel destined to be scrapped. However, Iñigo Mijangos and Iñigo Gutiérrez, two members of the NGO Salvamento Marítimo Humanitario, have a very curious idea: to transform the fishing boat into a rescue ship to save refugees shipwrecked in the Mediterranean Sea.

This documentary narrates the odyssey, lasting more than two years, of the ship, from its reconstruction to the culmination of the first rescue in the waters of the Central Mediterranean.

The film premiered during the 18th Donostia International Film and Human Rights Festival before its subsequent theatrical release.

Room 601 of City Plaza (2019) 6'. Grecia.

The City Plaza was an Athens Hotel that was forced to close with the economic crisis in 2008. It is now a model of self-organization. Forced by the war to flee Afghanistan and after an uncertain journey full of hardship, Ali and his friends found refuge in this hotel occupied by activists. They had been living in overcrowded refugee camps, queuing for a plate of rice, watching the days go by with nothing better to do than wait.
City Plaza has given them hope and responsibility, as they themselves organize and decide their future, restoring hope to their lives.

SANTURZINE 2019 Best Documentary Short Film Award.

MINIDOC 2019 Best Documentary Short Film Award.


Mohamed Al Barakat arrived two years ago with his wife and four children in Zaatari camp, on the Jordanian border and only 10 kilometers from his country, Syria. He left behind a bleak picture: everything he knew had been swallowed up by the war. In his new home, a tin cabin, he forgot how to pronounce the words "before" or "back". For this former truck driver, his present was the countryside and he found a way to turn his fate around: teaching taekwondo to a generation of children scarred by violence.

Finalist Best Documentary Short Film Festival Art. 31 Medicos del Mundo 2016.

Finalist Best Documentary Short GAVAMON Mostra de Cinema and Human Rights 2016.

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